Blockchain in Healthcare

Securing the integrity of the data supply chain

Dr. John Halamka, Professor of International Healthcare Innovation, CIO of Beth Israel, discusses the many use cases for Blockchain in healthcare, insisting on the technology's core innovation, the ability to provide immutable proof.

In focus, Dr. Halamka insists: 

  1. Blockchain will become an essential part of consent management, for health information sharing across physicians, providers but also to life sciences companies and regulators.
  2. Smart contracts will not only use assets as collaterals for agreements, but also be used execute agreements automatically based on outcomes, e.g., value-based care.
  3. Providers will be credentialed on the blockchain
  4. Supply chain integrity will be tracked on blockchain
Beyond the “hype” and abuses of public excitement, Pr. Halamka shares his more profound understanding of the technology’s benefits..