- 24 April 2019

Why Blockchain is a Good Fit for HIPAA

Nicolas Schmidt explains how Blockchain's exceed HIPAA's privacy and audit trails requirements

- June 28, 2018

How Blockchain Lets Patients Own their Data

Alexis Normand discusses how patients can reclaim control of their data and monetize it.

- 18 January 2019

3 Ways Blockchain Can Restore Trust in eHealth

With digital trust under siege, it's time to go beyond regulations, and offer patients actual tools to control their data. A key requirement to scale digital health.

- 22 September 2018

My Data Belongs to Me, Not Some Digital Health Platform

Digital platforms should not be able to restrict my access to my data

- 18 January 2019

Why Patients Should Embrace Blockchain

Robert Chu explains why Blockchain can help reposition the patient at the center of healthcare

- 9 April 2019

How Blockchain Might Be the GDPR's Best Friend

And how the US’ Lack of Preparation on Privacy Could Swing the Balance of Tech Power to Europe