What’s Next for Drug Validation in the Age of Precision Medicine?

Read why Real-World Data is becoming a key ingredient to bring precision medecine faster and to broader sets of patients,

Why Blockchain Matters for Rare Diseases

In this explainer video, Embleema vows to fast-track research for rare diseases

Dr. Hamelin on Why Pharma is Interested in Blockchain

Global Head of Evidence Generation at Sanofi Discusses the Benefits of Blockchain for Pharma

Dr. John Halamka on the Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare

Harvard Professor John Halamka Discusses the Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare

Embleema Teams Up With Armenia on Healthcare Blockchain

The deal will connect Armenia to international research, in oncology, immunotherapy and molecular medicine.

3 Ways Patient Advocacy Groups Can Leverage Data to Advance Research

The digital health revolution has made it much easier for advocacy groups to begin leveraging patient data to fast-track research and engage pharma. Here's how to do it.

3 Reasons Pharma Must Focus on Patient- Centered Research

In the age of precision medicine, pharma must learn to collect data directly from patients, inventing new ways to secure their buy-in, in order to roll-out a successful real-world evidence strategy.

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How Blockchain Can Support FDA’s Agenda

The FDA is exploring new sources of data to assess new drugs, including from Real World Evidence : EHR, wearables, Patient Reported Outcomes. Enter Blockchain

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Gustave Roussy & Embleema Partner on Cancer Research

Joint Blockchain Initiative Set to Accelerate Cancer Research and define a new ethical model in drug development.

Embleema Closes $3,7M Series A & Joins Techstars

Embleema Closes $4M Series A Funding and Joins Techstars Alchemist Blockchain Accelerator Program

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Embleema signs deal with network of 10,000 pharmacies

Pharmagest forms Partnership with Embleema to Deploy Innovative Healthcare Blockchain Technology

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The Entrepreneur Trying to Reinvent Digital Health With Blockchain

From Withings to Embleema, empowering patients with digital health

What’s Your Health Data Worth? Bloomberg Article

Startups like Embleema Want to Help Yo Sell It

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Embleema First to Launch a Health Record Built on Blockchain

Embleema launches the first health records blockchain to give patients complete control over their health data and be at the center of clinical research.

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Un nouveau clivage entre IA et services blockchain décentralisés

Le RGPD s et la blockchain seraient favorables aux start-up européennes